We deliver comprehensive solutions within
IT Development, Operations, Support, Management, Recruitment and Workplace.

IT Development

Build IT right from the beginning
IT development is about creating more value for the customer. In that way, you can become more efficient and focus on growing your business. We find ways to bring your vision to life.


Maximize efficiency & minimize incidents
We identify areas for growth, saving costs and IT mgmt services such as project management and Operation manager for solving recurring issues in your systems. To be able to make recommendation for improvements and optimization. We can reduce risk of failure and lower system downtime. We have competent technicians who can handle your upgrades.
Our goal is to increase your accessibility, efficiency and reduce the costs for each unit, system, and function in the organisation.


We have the answers
If you have any IT support needs, you just need to call out Service Desk. Our broad competence enables us to be able to answer almost all your questions. All from access in a system to different functions in software products. Our support function has a ServiceDesk that uses ”Single point of contact” (SPOC) for all customers and users.

Servicedesk times:
08:00 – 17:00 during the week
*Other times: IT-Operations handle it.
** We are an international company so services can be handled in English.


Smart solutions for your IT-needs
Our IT experts analyse existing system solutions, identify problems and propose the best solution for your preferences. We always take specific needs and desires into account to create maximum support for your company’s business development. When the new solution is ready, our operational experts will make it into a reality. In practice, it is about upgrading business systems, building new system support, packaging and distributing software, verifying and certifying new applications and new IT equipment, creating backup routines or renewing an entire computer park.


We make your workday easier
In a rapidly changing world, it is important to use resources and technology efficiently while safeguarding staff and their well-being. With the Workplace service, your employees are given the best conditions to perform their work.
workplaces include everything from logistics, product supply, hardware and software management, support and life cycle management that contribute to a sustainable workplace.
You get a cost-effective solution that ensures a functioning whole. Its that easy with us.

We make sure your working day works.


The world are experiencing a big growth in digital meetings online right now and it is showing no sign of stopping.
We promote, manage and deliver successful candidates.
We help our customers to find the right person for the the right purpose.

For example we help many customers with their big commerce platform as contractors. We deliver many different options for our customers.